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Mother Theresa Institute of Engineering and Technology has the department of Placement and Training headed by an able Placement Officer who takes care of training and placements simultaneously. There are senior trainers to train the students in a systematic way. Placements wing has two branches: one is to look after the training of the students in a very strategic way and the other is to look after the placements being in touch with the companies and research organizations. The department works in a close coordination with a blend of faculty, students and placements.

Palamaner is a place with rural back ground students so they have less exposure towards corporate ways and communications skills in English. Their IQ levels may also be low since substandard schooling. Keeping the harsh realities of the area, the management has established a powerful system of training and placement on above cited two wings. Meticulous care and concern is taken while training the young minds towards perfect destinations. Every student who has joined in Mother Theresa is taken care by these two wings and purportedly monitored their gradual improvement. The pre-placement training starts from the first year without any detriment to the regular academic schedule. The students are trained in communication skills, soft skills, managerial skills, interview skills, technical skills, arithmetic skills and reasoning skills. Special classes are conducted through PPTs. It also conducts mock-interviews. At the end of the day every student is transformed into industry ready.

Apart from the meticulous training by the training department, the placement officer arranges frequent pre-placement talks and presentations undertaken by HR Managers of various companies on the campus. These throw a large light on the realities of corporate expectations and its demands. These talks provide the students a chance to learn more about the companies; as a result they identify the sectors where they can avail the growth and advancements. The department of placements also facilitates an opportunity of bringing senior executives from most reputed companies and makes an interaction with the students.

This strategic amalgamation of training and placement is a beautiful bridge between students and industry.

Apart from the vigorous training supplied by the training department. The placement officer arranges frequent pre placement talks and presentations arranged by the various companies on the campus. The activities put a large light on the realities of corporate expectations and culture. These talks provide the students a chance to learn more about the companies; as a result they identify the sectors where they can avail the growth and advancements of the folder. This programme facilitates an opportunity bringing senior executives from most reputed companies and makes an interaction with the students.

The strategic blend of training and placement and a beautiful bridge between students and industry making Mother Theresa Institute of Engineering and Technology growing Engineering College in A.P.

Message from TPO

It is my privilege to mention that Mother Theresa Institutions were established in the year 2002 and nurtured itself in leaps and bounds. It is undoubtedly a place of cynosure to be a placement officer of this prestigious institution.

The high ideals of the management paving a golden path to young generation especially from rural area like Palamaner. From the day one, the combined efforts of everyone assisted the placement department.

Thus the students of this organization are occupying enviable positions in various organizations wherever they go they could leave their impact as the brand ambassador of Mother Theresa Institutions. Through the department with the help of many faculty. We have been pushed driving force into the minds of the students and it is yielding wonderful dividends.

It is a humble invitation to any company to step into the campus and feel the difference. Every company can have the choice of students for their levels. I make an oath, that any student expects a promising career should opt this campus and any company can satisfy it to the choice of students here. I wish many more success stories to all the students here in the ensuing days.

A. Reddy PrasadPlacement Director

Visited Companies

Placement Company 20_07_2022_1295970379.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_1986745070.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_973187232.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_413942932.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_787428793.jpg Placement Company 20_07_2022_2035918410.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_1320986655.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_714254135.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_315576194.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_128627390.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_1684197763.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_1340155679.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_1233626350.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_244764590.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_808747044.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_897625445.jpg Placement Company 20_07_2022_1002158363.jpg Placement Company 20_07_2022_1982223859.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_1589330682.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_505458407.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_2048443405.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_542617693.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_49750135.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_345544551.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_833915950.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_1693697651.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_858813484.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_988476750.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_1776104645.jpg Placement Company 20_07_2022_868986101.jpg Placement Company 20_07_2022_860180121.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_1225752731.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_1387683530.jpg Placement Company 20_07_2022_1560261536.jpg Placement Company 20_07_2022_1851436565.jpg Placement Company 20_07_2022_78637081.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_143815576.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_1897533664.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_1961926920.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_361724901.jpg Placement Company 20_07_2022_845119214.jpg Placement Company 20_07_2022_1507357045.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_1453892419.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_2032290454.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_428363168.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_146341254.jpg Placement Company 20_07_2022_129723343.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_1472816507.jpg Placement Company 20_07_2022_495314058.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_1049063189.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_942792484.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_1551105994.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_779059351.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_345412432.jpg Placement Company 20_07_2022_909246804.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_1752959173.jpg Placement Company 20_07_2022_1209090839.jpg Placement Company 20_07_2022_1920838981.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_422557392.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_115486411.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_1474326048.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_1235117168.jpg Placement Company 20_07_2022_1559395434.jpg Placement Company 20_07_2022_898590986.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_843424105.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_1640197553.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_1132260810.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_511370162.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_1273137678.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_1626736907.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_58925198.jpg Placement Company 20_07_2022_1712735801.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_1269499869.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_777332853.jpg Placement Company 20_07_2022_2023892129.png Placement Company 20_07_2022_113472002.png Placement Company 30_05_2023_634939202.jpg Placement Company 30_05_2023_103729196.png Placement Company 30_05_2023_529386544.jpg Placement Company 30_05_2023_817376091.png Placement Company 30_05_2023_939550758.jpg Placement Company 30_05_2023_549335371.png Placement Company 30_05_2023_19428490.jpg Placement Company 30_05_2023_1123009342.png Placement Company 30_05_2023_1942643796.jpg Placement Company 30_05_2023_249065582.png Placement Company 30_05_2023_315723918.jpg Placement Company 30_05_2023_1633427727.png Placement Company 30_05_2023_804830821.jpg Placement Company 30_05_2023_423754472.jpg Placement Company 30_05_2023_1020648790.png Placement Company 30_05_2023_1930702035.jpg Placement Company 30_05_2023_626516493.png Placement Company 30_05_2023_1051614053.png Placement Company 30_05_2023_120430540.png Placement Company 30_05_2023_466613105.jpg


Training for Employability Skills:

MTIEAT has a carefully designed training calendar to impart training for Employability Skills continuously to all the students. The institution has a dedicated team of experts who are able to train the students in the following areas:

  1. Communication Skills
  2. Quantitative Aptitude
  3. Reasoning Ability
  4. Logical Thinking
  5. Personality Development

Besides training students on soft skills, MTIEAT outsources industry experts for technical training. In the academic year 2013-14, the institution has well trained all final year B Tech students on technical projects, technical aptitude with the help of industry experts.

Collaboration with Companies and Industry Relations:

MTIEAT derives its strength by collaborating with some of the leading companies in India. Several experts deliver guest lectures and conduct workshops regularly. The advisory board includes many eminent industrialists and senior managers.

The college also has an affiliation with Stigmata Techno Solutions and Codetantra for Technical Skills, Smart and FACE for Communication Skills, Campus Connection and Clicks Campus for Aptitude and Reasoning Skills.

In-house Trainers

Sl.No. Name Qualification Domain Designation
1 Dr. P R Chandra Reddy M.A Phil Ph.D Verbal & Communication Skills Trainer Professor
2 Mr. V.Anand Kumar MBA Soft Skills & Industry Requirements Asst Professor
3 Mr. T.Vijay Kumar MCA Aptitude Trainer Asst Professor
4 Mrs. M.Thriveni B Tech Technical Trainer Asst Professor
5 Mr.P.Anvesh Reddy B Tech Technical Trainer Asst Professor
6 Mr. Sadiq.S MSc Reasoning Trainer Asst Professor
7 Mr.K Kadiresan B Tech Verbal and Soft skills Trainer Asst Professor
8 Mr.M/Visweswaran M A. Verbal and Soft skills Trainer Asst Professor

Placement Procedure

Campus Placements: Apart from imparting quality education, MTIET takes the responsibility of proving job opportunities for its eligible students through ‘On-Campus Placements and Off-Campus Placements.’ The department of Campus Recruitment Training, under the supervision of the Placement Officer, gives training to all the students from the very first year to the final examinations. The programme is an amalgamation of training, career counseling and placements. Students are motivated in such a way that they would keep in their minds the importance of placements and prepare adequately for the programme by using the trainers.

The procedure of placements is as follows:

  1. Camus Recruitment is for the final year students. The time of the conduction is usually after August every year, but due to Covid-19, there have been changes in it. Students, who have backlogs at the time of campus recruitment and clear later, can also make use of the programme. It depends on the availability of non-placed students.
  2. Recruiters are consulted and those who are interested are requested to mail the following details to give the students a clear idea.
  3. Job Profile. It’s a brief summary of what the position for a prospective candidate.
  4. Job Location. It includes the place of training (if it is necessary) and the place of work after it.
  5. Training Period. It includes the duration of the training and the place of the training.
  6. CTC during and after the Training. It is Cost to Company (CTC) is a term for the total salary package of an employee. It may also indicate the total amount a company spends on an employee in one year.
  7. Designation. It includes the position during and after the training.
  8. Service agreement or rules. If the company wants the candidates to make any bond specifying the number of years and the consequences if candidates fail in it have to be specified.
  9. Degrees and branches required. It includes what should be the qualification and the branches of study. Some companies want the attempts of the candidate in completing the course.
  10. Elegibility Criteria. It is the Percentage of Marks in X / XII / Diploma / Current Degree / UG for PG / and arrear status.
  11. Selection Process. Every company has its own selection process which is to be specified for the clarity of the candidates.
  12. Facilities required for the campus recruitment. This includes the number of rooms, computers and others.
  13. Prefered dates and timings. These will be decided on consultation with the HR Managers. Sometimes rescheduling is necessary.
  14. We make the above data available for the students. Interested students get their names registered at the Placements Office. The list of their names will be sent to the recruiting company.
  15. On the reception of the list of the aspiring candidates, the recruiting company would fix a final date and venue. The interested candidates would make their Resumes ready. Most of the times, they are pooled campus drives which are conducted on the campus.
  16. After the recruitment process and face to face interviews, the HR Managers finalize the list of selected candidates and it would be given to the Placement Officer. If there is any delay in announcing the results, the candidates can attend the next drive and if they are selected in the drive, the offer letters of the previous company will not be given to them.
  17. The recruiters are requested to give their feedback on the standards of the students and on the arrangements so that improvement can done in both the cases.
  18. Dream Placement Offers are given to the students so that they can choose among various streams and the same is given to the companies that offer more than Rs. 3.50 lakhs per annum, to the Engineering Companies so that they would not fall short of quality candidates and if a student gets Dream Offer, his or her previous offer will be cancelled by duly informing the previous recruiter. It is done as a candidate can join only one company. Candidates placed in Dream Offer will not be permitted to attend subsequent Dream Offer recruitments.

Placement Record

S.No Records View/Download
1 Placed students for the Academic Year 2021-2022 View/Download
2 Placed students for the Academic Year 2020-2021 View/Download
3 Placed students for the Academic Year 2019-2020 View/Download
4 Placed students for the Academic Year 2018-2019 View/Download
5 Placed students for the Academic Year 2017-2018 View/Download
6 Placed students for the Academic Year 2016-2017 View/Download
7 Placed students for the Academic Year 2015-2016 View/Download
8 Placed students for the Academic Year 2014-2015 View/Download
9 Placed students for the Academic Year 2013-2014 View/Download
10 Placed students for the Academic Year 2022-2023 View/Download

Contact Us

A Reddy Prasad

( Placement Director )


Melumoi Post, Palamaner - 517408.

Chittoor [Dist], A.P

Contact No : 9866451341

E-mail Id : tpo@mtieat.com